Electronic Weighbridge

There are two types of Electronic Weighbridges Supply by Axpert. 

1. Pit Type
2. Pitless Type

Electronic weighbridge is manufactured with the use of prime quality girder frame work. The entire steel frame work is mounted on Strain Gauge double ended shear beam / compresson type load cells.The quantity of loadcell used may be 4 , 6 or 8 nos.The strain gauge, full electric circuit detects the shearstress produced and converted in analog electrical signal.This signal from loadcell is fed into junction box &  output of which is connected to microprocessor based weighbridge.Using ADC and signal received from junction box a LED display shows the weight.

Electronic weighbridges available from 10 tons to 100 tons capacity.The platform size and nos.of loadcell varies as per capacity of weigh bridge.For your requirements please contact us to serve you in better way.